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Adult Bible Study - Sundays, 10:15 am
Sunday School is held at the same time in the Preschool 

Current Topic: Sacred Silhouettes from Leviticus

What do you think should be the first book of the Bible that a child learns? Perhaps one of the four Gospels, or maybe Genesis? Would you say the book of Leviticus? It's probably not the first book on our lists to teach our children or even study ourselves. But in the Jewish culture, Leviticus was always the first book to study. Why was it so important to them? Come to our Sunday morning Bible Study to find out how the book of Leviticus has some very important pictures that point ahead to our Savior Jesus.

Mid-week Morning Bible Study - Wednesdays, 10:00 am

Everyone is welcome!  Our group is currently studying a the topic of "Angels and Demons". Join us as we study the comfort that God gives to us through the angels, ministering spirits sent to help God's people, and how the victory over Satan and his evil angels is already won. We hope you can join us!

Bible Information Class (BIC) - Scheduled upon request

This class is a great option for members and visitors alike who would like to review the basic Bible teachings. Please contact Pastor Naumann to schedule a time that works well for you.
*Childcare is available upon request.

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